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Managing Online Content

Content Filtering & Parental Controls

48% of kids surveyed in BC say it’s “easy” to gamble online, even though they’re underage. So as much as you might want kids to enjoy all the discoveries the virtual world offers, there are sites they simply shouldn’t visit.

How Does Content-Filtering Software Work?

Content-filtering software is designed to help control what internet content and resources users have access to.

  • It can be applied to any computer to prevent access to websites with objectionable content, including gambling and gaming
  • In can allow password protected access to certain individuals so that content is blocked for those who need it and accessed by those who don’t
  • Some programs even allow users to limit the amount of time spent accessing the internet
How Do I Get Content-Filtering Software?

There are many content-filtering and parental control products available on the internet on both a ‘paid’ and ‘free’ basis. An internet search will reveal a variety of providers, options and information on these tools. Try searching using keywords such as:

  • “Content Filtering Software”
  • “Parental Control” or
  • “Internet Blocking Software”

Whether you choose a paid or free version of this software, do your research and find the tool that is right for you!

Other Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online

These simple steps can further help keep your kids safe when they’re online:

  • Log off when you leave your computer
  • Never share your credit card information or bank details with anyone under 19
  • Protect your account information, including username and password
  • Create separate user profiles and passwords for everyone on a shared computer. That way nobody else can have access to information and programs you don’t wish to share.

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Balance gambling with other types of leisure activities.

Take frequent breaks.

Set a time limit before you play.

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